Stewart Alonzo Coyote Fetish | Dolomite

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Copy of SAF_30

This gorgeous Coyote fetish is carved by Zuni artist Stewart Alonzo out of Dolomite.

This is one of the best batches of Dolomite we have seen in years!

Coyote is the Hunter God and Hunting animal of the West. The Master Trickster, often tricking themselves. Represents Humor, Foolishness, Laughter, and the ability to Laugh at one's Mistakes. Although arrogant and self-serving, they teach us to recognize our bad habits. Brings the gifts of Survival Skills, Reversal of Fortune, and Adaptation to the unpredictable nature of Life, and to live in the Moment.

This Coyote stands 2.4 inches tall, 1.4 inches long and .75 inches wide.