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Seahorse Fetish by Justin Red Elk | Tigilite and Peach Alabaster

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This unique seahorse is carved from tigilite by Zuni-Sioux carver Justin Red Elk. It stands 2.5 Inches tall and 1.75 inches long. 

Fish represents Purification and Character. Brings the Ability to hide one's Emotions.

Alabaster is a pure form of openness and symbolizes purity. It is used to inspire feelings of serenity and calm. It is used to increase flexibility and allows one to be more adaptable. It comprises useful energies which permits one to battle stress, mend disputes and affords inner harmony. Diminishes fear and helps one to answer disruptions and challenges. Known as a protecting stone that teaches one to be calm and grow stronger. Magnifies the ability to absolve others and oneself. Inspires positivity when it is in the home.