Hawk Fetish by Scott Gaarnat | Lapis Lazuli

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This gorgeous hawk carved by Zuni artisan Scott Gaarnat is made of lapis lazuli. Stands 4.25 inches tall and 2 inches long.

Messenger to the Gods, and, at times, to Humans and between Animals. Represents Energy. Inspiration, Awareness, and Truth. Reminds us to pay attention to the Signs around us and to Observe the obvious in our own Actions. Brings the gifts of skilled Hunting and pest-free Crops. 

Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye. Calls upon spiritual guardians for protection and blocks psychic attacks, sending them back to their source. Conveys the power of spoken word. Harmonizes the physical, mental and spiritual selves, bringing great inner self-knowledge. Inspires on to take charge of their life and reveals one’s inner truth. It provides room for self-awareness and self-expression without compromise. Helps one to confront the truth and accept it’s lessons. Disperses feelings of martyrdom, cruelty, suffering and emotional oppression.