Festoon Choker | Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli and Silver | 16 Inches

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Gorgeous labradorite and lapis lazuli with hints of India silver are an amazing combination in this 3 strand bib choker featuring a toggle clasp. It measures 16 inches at its shortest length.

Feldspars are considered to be lunar stones that inspire and encourage clairvoyance and clairaudience (the ability to see and hear spirits). Helps one to find new and exciting ways to reach one’s goals.  It supports in issues relating to self-awareness and self-love. Assists in finding misplaced items and creativity and is good for Astral travel. It’s useful if one is consciously developing psychic or intuitive powers and seems to be most effective if one works with the stone regularly during psychic exercises or meditation lessons. Supports one in issues relating to self-awareness and self-love.

Labradorite is the bringer of light with extreme mystical and protective qualities. Increases one’s consciousness and joins one with universal energies. Containing esoteric knowledge, it facilitates admission to the mysteries of life. Aligns the etheric and physical aspects of one’s self and gives access to one’s spiritual purpose. Inspires intuition and psychic abilities. Expels fear, insecurities and psychic detritus from past disappointments, even from past lives. Increases inner faith and confidence in the universe. Conveys strength and perseverance in times of change and prepares the soul and body for ascension through transformation.

Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye. Calls upon spiritual guardians for protection and blocks psychic attacks, sending them back to their source. Conveys the power of spoken word. Harmonizes the physical, mental and spiritual selves, bringing great inner self-knowledge. Inspires on to take charge of their life and reveals one’s inner truth. It provides room for self-awareness and self-expression without compromise. Helps one to confront the truth and accept it’s lessons. Disperses feelings of martyrdom, cruelty, suffering and emotional oppression.

Silver has been a common metal used to protect against evil. Ruled by the Moon and symbolizes receptivity, reaction and reflection. Believed to have purifying effects and carries all things both ways. Silver absorbs many things, but it doesn't store them. Silver is also magically neutral.